Check-out Russian Strongest Kid Who Lifted 100-kg Barbell (Video)

While most 11-year old Kids are busy whiling away their time watching Netflix Movies, Playing games, or even surfing the web, Timofey Klevakin from Russia is busy following his father’s footsteps as a bodybuilder by practising in his father’s Gym and lifting heavy-weights and breaking records.

It was revealed that ever since Timofey was 5-years old, he has been interested in weightlifting and always found it fun watching his father train in their make-shift Gym.

When his father noticed he has an interest in weightlifting, he began training him, even when  Timofey ‘s mum was against it as she raised concerns that he was too young for such.

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At age six, Timofey lifted a 55-kilogramme barbell to the amazement of Judges and attendants during an organized regional weightlifting competition in their home-town.

Ever since he achieved that feat, he began working harder and just recently, Timofey Klevakin broke his weight-class record by lifting a 105kg Barbell.

Watch The Video Below;





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