Patient Plays Violin While Undergoing Brain Surgery (Video)

A brain surgeon in London had a patient play her violin during a tumour removal to ensure her musical abilities weren’t affected by the procedure.

King’s College Hospital shared a video showing Dagmar Turner, 53, playing her violin while neurosurgeon Dr Keyoumars Ashkan and his team removed her brain tumour.

“We perform around 400 resections (tumour removals) each year, which often involves rousing patients to carry out language tests, but this was the first time I’ve had a patient play an instrument,” Ashkan said.

Ashkan said Turner’s brain was mapped prior to the surgery to see which parts of her brain were active when she played her instrument. He said the tumour was dangerously close to areas of her brain that affect the fine motor skills of her left hand.

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The doctors were able to remove 90 percent of the tumour without any damage to Turner’s musical abilities. She was sent home three days after the procedure and is looking forward to going back to playing with the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra.

Watch The Video Below;









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