Photographer Captures Moment Newborn Baby Frowns At Doctor (Pictures)

baby frowns at doctor 2

Photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann says childbirth is a unique moment that deserves to be captured.

The pictures he takes of a new life’s first moments on this Earth generally make people feel emotional or reflective.

But a photograph he took last week went viral, not because it was especially life-affirming or beautiful, but because it hilariously captured one very grumpy newborn.

Rodrigo was on hand to capture the moment Isabela Pereira de Jesus was born via caesarean section in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the afternoon of Thursday 13 February.

Typically, babies arrive screaming and wailing, and if they’re not, then doctors will prompt them to so they know their lungs are working properly. Baby Isabela was having none of it though, appearing to angrily stare down the obstetrician – instantly becoming a meme in the process.

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Rodrigo shared the brilliant snap on Facebook where it was liked more than 4,000 times.

Speaking to Brazilian publication Crescer, Rodrigo said: “She opened her eyes wide and didn’t cry, she made a ‘sulky’ face, her mother gave a kiss and it was only after they cut the umbilical cord that she started to cry.

“When I posted it, I thought it would have the potential to become a meme, but it’s always a matter of luck.”

Daiane and Renato Pereira da Rocha had not planned on having a baby and discovered the pregnancy after five weeks. Shortly afterwards Daiane received the news she had a subchorionic hematoma, which is an accumulation of blood between the placenta and the uterus.

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She was subsequently forced to take two weeks off and was advised she may have a miscarriage. Fortunately, though, she went on to have a ‘peaceful pregnancy’ and Daiane said Rodrigo’s picture captured Isabela’s determined personality.

Speaking to Brazilian news outlet G1, she said: “My baby was born courageous. It’s a meme already.

“She always wrinkles her forehead when changing diapers and nursing. Isabela was supposed to be born on the 20th, but she chose her day already showing her personality.”

While the photo is clearly amusing, I’m sure we can all sympathise with Isabela. Indeed, if someone tore the roof off my house and dragged me out of bed after a nine-month sleep, I reckon I’d be pulling that face too.







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