See The Creepy Entrance Of A Church in The United States (PHOTOS)

Well, churches are regarded as a house of worship for Christians across the globe and their buildings take a similar pattern and design.

However, a church in the United States of America (US), Church of Luminants, actually looks different in its architectural design. The design that has shocked many, especially the entrance.

Many have criticised the outlook of the church and have said: “it is not a church of Christ, it is that of Satan instead.”

The reason for their claim is that a church entrance cannot look like the entrance of a woman’s private part which is forbidden by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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With that entrance, many have already committed immorality in their minds before even going in. Though, the interior is kind of nice, but what would your inside mean when your outside already portrays an immoral look.

Check out the photos below and have your say…



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