Terrifying Moment Nurse Films Ghostly Figure In Hospital (video)

Are there such things as ghosts? Or have you ever seen or felt the presence of a spirit? While some people swear there’s no such thing as the paranormal, others are positive they regularly see ghosts all over the place. So you would ask the question: Are ghosts real?

People all around the world are convinced that there are still all of the spirits that walk around earth trying to find the loved ones or trying to find the light to pass over. Or maybe, yet again watching a lot of ghost movies and TV shows.

So, let’s try to solve the mystery of this video right here. A ghostly dark shadowy figure is captured on camera by a nurse. Is this real or a hoax? Two nurses were having a fun chat, while they were telling each other something funny they decided to record that conversation on video.

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Meanwhile, during their conversation, something bizarre happens. A black shadow looking like a person passes by the window of the room. One of the nurses starts to panic, and they both go into the room to check what is happening. When they enter the place, they see that there is no one in the room, and suddenly the cart moves all by itself. They freak out and leave the area in the same second.

What do you think creepy, spooky or it’s all staged? The camera was focused on the door as the man who was filming the video was expecting something to happen. And what about the cart, is it an old classic movie with the rope, or did it moved on its own? What do you think?

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There are a lot of creepy stories that are told by people who work in hospitals. Almost most of them have seen a ghost, or have felt their presence in the hospital rooms. However, there a lot of skeptic people who believe that there is a perfect explanation for everything and that ghosts are not real.

ghost “sightings” result in part from the power of suggestion. If you think you might see a spirit, say, while entering an empty house at night, you’re more likely to perceive an experience—whether it’s a cold draft or a moving shadow—as an apparition. So, do you believe in ghosts? Tell us what you think about this video, do you think is real or do you think is fake? s know what you think!


Watch the Video Below;


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