Watch The Left-foot Kick By A 2-Year Old Boy That Got Chelsea FC’s Attention (Video)


Remember the name, because this young kid could well be a future star of Chelsea Football Club.

The Premier League side’s 13.9 million followers were treated to the above clip of the two-year-old absolutely nailing one of the sharpest left-foot kicks you’ll ever see.

Teddy managed to find the middle of the washing machine with a beautiful ball – much to his own delight.

“Yaaas! Good!” the adorable kid cheered after scoring the goal.

Teddy’s dad Ryan shared the video to Chelsea FC and followed it up with a second, equally impressive trick shot.

In the second video, Teddy’s target is a kid’s size basketball hoop.

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He manages to manoeuvre the ball – using his sharp left boot – straight through the net.

“Get this boy signed, @ChelseaFC,” Ryan joked.

The proud father also shared the hashtags #nexteden and #getthisboysigned.

The first clip currently has more than eight thousand retweets on twitter and has impressed fans far and wide, as you’d expect.

“I think we need to get him signed up now,” one fan wrote.

“By far better than Willian. Sign him up!” another said.

Watch The Video Below;


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