Woman’s Attempted Escape From Jail Caught On Video (video)

An Ohio woman tried to escape from jail by climbing into the ceiling, but fell well short of her desired freedom, police say.

Montgomery County Jail in Ohio released a surveillance video of her attempt. In it, you see suspect Jessica Boomershine standing on the seat attached to this kiosk for several minutes, staring at the ceiling, then steps down. She then drags a chair over, waits for a while, with no one paying attention, climbs up on top of the monitor and up out of sight.

The bid for freedom ends fast when debris falls and corrections officers come into sight. One walks past just seconds before the ceiling tiles give way and Boomershine drops back through. More Officers run over to grab her legs and she loses her grip, luckily landing partially on a trash can. The ill-fated escape leaves Bomershine dazed, CO’s amazed and ductwork and wires exposed and hanging from the ceiling.

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Boomershine had been arrested a few days before this incident on suspicion of breaking into a home, kidnapping and assaulting an 85-year-old man then forcing him to withdraw money at an ATM.

Watch The Video Below;






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